About us

Thomas Aronson, President

Thomas is from Eastern Iowa having started Aronson Group at the age of 26. Over the past 6 years he and his team have built one of the largest truck insurance brokerages in Iowa! At Aronson Group our clients get the feeling of a family focused business with the horsepower of a large Agency! 


ARONSON GROUP has access to three of the leading transportation insurers in the country. Our relationship with them is so strong that we have become the 4th largest agency in Iowa placing truck insurance in just 5 short years.

Timely Support

Our office prides itself on the fastest response time in the industry. We are on top of every email, voicemail, text, IM that comes to our office.


Innovative Ideas

We developed Aronson Group to embrace technology and new ideas. Our focus is creating new ways to manage risk and help you navigate through your policy.


Advanced Technology

We are constantly researching new technologies to better serve our customers. We believe technology is the way of the future.


Clear Communication

Our mission is to deliver clear, professional consultation to our clients in efforts to reduce confusion and offer you the tools needed to be successful.

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