Commerical Property

Property Coverage

Buildgs need property coverage to insure against times when disaster strikes. Be confident your limits are adequate.

Contents Coverage

The most valuable asset to your trade is your tools. This coverage will insure the important items in your shop.

General Liabililty

Customers stop in! What happens if someone gets hurt on your property? GL needs proper limits to ensure your covered.

Cyber Liability

Cyber Liability is todays largest concern. Businesses small and large need to be considering ts coverage.

Take Note

Nearly all companies are underinsured in some form. Most cases its not the coverages that come to mind first, it’s the coverages agents don’t talk about because they do not understand them. Cyber Liaiblity, Employers Liability, Employe Benefits Coverage. You purchase insurance already, you might as well be sure its going to cover something.

Companies Underinsured
Chances of Having a Claim
Chances You Are Properly covered
Chances We Could Check For You
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